Organize & Research Your Story Ideas

When comes to film making research is important to tell a story and many more technical aspects, when I started to learn film making I'll do my research in notebooks and papers making notes so on, then comes to the modern age I jump to Google Keep,

Evernote. But when comes to organize and presentation that's not helping so much.

Then one day, When Surfing on the internet come across Milanote, milanote is a chrome extension app mainly use for film making pre-production workflow, I much happy to see some amazing app for my organizing and story workflow.

Some amazing details and workflow of film riot for the milanote. this video much helped me to understand the work of this wonderful app made for post-production workflow.

Keep your filmmaking on track
Gather inspiration, create storyboards and plan shooting schedules all in one place.

Be sure to check out the milanote.

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