My First Short film as a director apart from editing.

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

"Intento" A Spanish word that means an attempt. What happens in the life of a three people thug gang, when they help his fellowman to attempt something for the first time. it's my first short film as a director back in 2019.

After 3 years as an editor for a lot of short films, Album songs I did my first short film back in 2019, it's my first attempt to make a short film in my learning process and I realize that storytelling is an easy process but a story creating is a tough work it takes a lot of process as cast, location, perfect team, and perfect story. it's not an easy job to do handle all the work as a single man, of course, my first short film was a zero budget film with the help of available location and with my friends,

Here you can download my script as a pdf

Note: Script in the Tamil language

Download PDF • 212KB



hope you like it

thanks for reading

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